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About Us

Haydon Bridge Pharmacy

Your Pharmacy for all your health needs.

Here at Haydon Bridge Pharmacy we have your health and well being at heart. As part of the local community we aim to provide a friendly and efficient service, helping you with all medicines and health care. working as a team we want to keep you and your family healthy and well.

Key Contacts

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Superintendent: Thomas McCullough MRPharmS

Registration number 2056528

Telephone: 01434 684354

Pharmacy Manager: Abby Chandler

Registration number 4050465

Telephone: 01434 303616


How to Find Us

Haydon Bridge Pharmacy is located just off the A69 which is the main road between Newcastle upon Tyne and Carlisle (see the map on this page). Haydon Bridge is also on the Tyne Valley Railway line which runs between Newcastle and Carlisle.

Contact us

5 Church Street
Haydon Bridge
NE47 6JG

Telephone: 01434 684354

Fax: 01434 684896


Opening Times

Monday to Friday 9am-7pm

Saturday 9am-6pm


General Information

This pharmacy is owned by Haydon Bridge Pharmacy Limited

Registered office: 25 Grosvenor Road, Jesmond NE2 2RL

Registered Pharmacy number: 1095023

You can verify this is a genuine UK registered pharmacy by either clicking on the internet pharmacy logo on the home page or searching the register on the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) website You can also check the registration status of any pharmacists who work for the company on the GPhC website.

We provide NHS services on behalf of :

Northumberland Care Trust
Merley Croft
NE61 2DL    

01670 394400

Summary of Community Pharmacy Patient Surveys 2016-2017

Areas of Strong Performance

100% of respondents rated the service provided by the pharmacist and pharmacy staff as very good

100% of respondents rated the pharmacy very good for providing an efficient service

Considering the services provided by the pharmacy, the staff and pharmacy in general, 100% of respondents rated the pharmacy excellent

100% of respondents are happy and have no concerns regarding how health information is stored and kept confidential


Areas to Improve

40% of respondents had not received advice from the pharmacist or pharmacy staff regarding Physical Exercise

Only 60% of respondents rated the pharmacy fairly well at providing advice on health services or information available elsewhere


Action Plan

ü  Include aspects of Physical Exercise in the healthy living display


ü  All pharmacy staff to engage in more conversations about the effects of Physical Exercise on patient health


ü  Provide more advice on health services and information available elsewhere


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